The difference between men and boys…


… lies mostly in the price of their toys.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Much as I hate to admit it, because the Richard Sachs bike is really nice, it just wasn’t quite what I needed. So instead of a long hike today, I dressed up in cycling clothes and rode to Redwood City.

I am also thinking of a new car, so I stopped at Redwood City Honda to see if a bike would fit into the back of a Honda Fit. They showed no interest in acknowledging my existence, so I went on. (I stopped at Anderson Honda in Palo Alto later on. Yes, a bike will fit into a Fit.)

At Redwood City Kia, I found that I could indeed fit the bike into the back of a Soul. I went back later and took the Soul for a test drive. It would not be a big surprise if I bought one, one of these days.

I went on to Carlsen Subaru, which had no Crosstreks in stock, but I’m told that it’s the same as an Impreza, and the bike fit into the back of an Impreza with no problems at all.

Well, this is all fine, but what I really intend today is to buy a new bike. I like Chain Reaction Bicycles, and Chain Reaction likes Treks. I won’t bore you with details that are of interest only to bikies, but the bottom line was that I bought a carbon fiber Domane 4.5. Nice.

I’m sure the white cork tape will turn gruddy within the first few rides, especially if I take the unpaved trail past Moffett. At some point, I will undoubtedly re-tape it black. But it sure looks nice, pristine and new!

Pretty classy, if I do say so myself!


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