Geneva — Lausanne and Morges


Tuesday, 11 September, 2012

When the ITU meetings broke for lunch, two or three of us went to the botanical garden. Denis invited me to take a picture of a lizard.

Later, from the lakeshore, a clear view of Mt Saleve. The Grande Gorge, up which we hiked, begins just to the left of the two flags, and angles up and left.

Fairly windy on the lake.

I suggested the Awash Ethiopian restaurant for dinner, with half a dozen colleagues. A good evening.

Thursday, 13 September

I wandered past the Novotel on my way back to the hotel, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a jet aircraft, parked in the middle of the street. I think it had to do with filming a commercial for Novotel.

Next door, a Korean barbeque restaurant. I phoned Albert, who thought it sounded like a good idea and joined me for dinner.

Friday, 14 September

We had reserved Friday for possible use in meetings, but concluded our business Thursday. I looked into re-booking my Saturday flight, but the minimum cost was $4k. Maybe I’ll stay here Friday.

I went to Lausanne with my friend Jie Hyun. A pretty day, views of the Alps across the lake.

We sat in the cathedral for a few minutes, enjoying the sound of organ practice.

From the town, we agreed to walk down to the lakeshore to see what might be interesting. On the way, we detoured through Lausanne’s botanical garden, where Jie Hyun proved a quick learner at spotting small animals, in this case on a tomato in the allotment garden. The pristine condition of the tomato seems like good evidence that the beetles are carnivores!

It was a nice day, warm in the sun, cool in the shade, and we walked and talked, and after a while, decided to just keep walking to Morges, which is the next town that has a train station. We’ll catch a train there instead of going back to Lausanne station.

This is at St Sulpice, about halfway between.

The morning had been a bit hazy, but the day cleared up, to show some real Alps, including Mont Blanc.

We said our good-byes at the Geneva train station. Jie Hyun is hiking Mt Saleve tomorrow with some of the other colleagues, and good for all of them.

After a nap, I wandered down to the lake, where the view had cleared up even more.


Mont Saleve above the town. At the top of the cliff, the head of the cable car (telepherique). Just to our left, a bare patch. You can’t tell from the photo, but when we were there, we saw that it was an area of green canvas at the edge of the cliff. If you’re brave, you take a running start and jump off.

Well, if you want to do that more than once, it’s a good idea to have wings. The two dots in the photo are hang gliders.

I caught the tram to Carouge, wandered for a while, found a place for dinner. Back in the city, I stopped for a final photo of the jet d’eau, then caught the next tram back to the hotel.

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