Bucharest II


Friday, 31 August 2012

Over the course of the week, Jacky explored Bucharest and I joined her during the evenings to find good, dark beer (Ursus Black, for example) and various eating options in the old town. None of the restaurants were exceptionally good, but none were exceptionally bad, either. The inescapable cigarette smoke was the most unpleasant aspect.

We saw the ruins of Vlad’s castle, with a bust of Vlad himself. In response to a question, I told someone that I (we) were a few years beyond the stage of being interested in the Dracula legends. As for Vlad himself, he was disgusting enough that he ought to be consigned to the dustbin, not turned into a tourist attraction.

As things wound down on Thursday, I joined Jacky for a walk to the large park north of the central city. It’s perhaps a walk of 3 or 4 km, much of it through cool and treed boulevards past the embassies of any number of countries.

The park itself contains a historic village, a collection of buildings relocated here from around the country, and effectively a large museum. Jacky had already visited it, so we didn’t go there again. We just wandered the park, eventually coming down to the lakeshore and walking some distance around the lake before getting hungry and turning back.

I don’t know who this guy is, but he looks pretty distinguished.

The aviator’s monument is said to be in recognition of the allied pilots from world war II.

Well, but where are the small animals? I was reduced to taking a picture of a grasshopper!

But we finally found about a zillion red and black beetles, some of them apparently larval. Ok, that’s more like it.

And we found one beautiful bug that made the whole trip worth it, halfway around the world and all.

Jacky had seen a restaurant called Thalia on her wanderings, and thought it would be a good place to try. They told us all the outdoor seating was reserved, wanted to seat us inside. But when we started to leave, they discovered that one of their reserved tables wouldn’t be needed for an hour and a half. We can work with that.

Again, good, but not outstanding.

Lufthansa will be on strike tomorrow, so we are paying attention to flight itineraries and cancellations. As of now (Bucharest airport), Frankfurt is a problem, but it appears that we will be okay as we go to Munich today and spend the night with Friedrich and Petra.


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