Achilles + 2 weeks: Saturday


Within the last two or three days, I have taken off the boot, abandoned the crutches, and driven the car. I am still using the boot, cinched tight, for my half-hour stints on the stationary bicycle, and although I am taking stairs two at a time (as usual), I am not running up. Being cautious and careful. I hope Dr Saxena would agree, but ultimately of course, it is my own responsbility. I see him Monday to have the stitches removed.

Today (Saturday) I walked to a nearby park, about three blocks away. Without boot or crutches, that may be enough for now, and besides, it’s a really hot day, not that much fun to be out.

And as always, a certain amount of careful inspection is rewarded by finding interesting things to photograph.


One Response to “Achilles + 2 weeks: Saturday”

  1. instillari Says:

    Wow, amazing photos!! Such great detail and you can really see the texture.


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