Achilles — the second Wednesday


For the first time this morning, I took a shower. Bathtub water is gray after the first round of soap and shampoo, and I don’t feel like I’m really getting clean; a shower is much better. Some improvising — sitting on the floor of the shower stall to wash the strong foot — but it feels good. The doctor wanted me to keep the wound dry until the stitches are removed, but it’s hard to believe that it’s still noticeably vulnerable to contamination. Let it be wet!

I have been working up my time on the bicycle, 5 minutes per day. Today I did 30 minutes, for the first time. The bike has toe clips; I released the strap and fit the toe of my boot into it, but it tends to twist my foot enough that the heel bangs into the chainstay, so I reverted to just using the flat side of the pedal.

How much exercise am I getting? Well, not very much, but at the end of my bicycle time, my clothes are soaking wet, water is running down my face and over my glasses, and there’s a liberal surround of water (not raindrops!) on the floor around the bike. Better than nothing.

What I learned is that I can do more if I cinch the boot up tight, to minimize the flexure of my ankle.

This afternoon I walked to the downtown library, about a mile in each direction, the longest walk yet. I’m embarrassingly slow, but it’s better than nothing.

Slowly, slowly…

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