Spring is sprung


I have been traveling the last couple of weekends, and am far behind in exercise. I had thought to do a long hike this weekend, but we had morning commitments Saturday, and a 3 PM commitment today, Sunday. I decided to save travel time by just going to Windy Hill, and maybe do the loop a couple of times to get in more time and distance.

It was about +4 degrees C when I started out this morning. Gloves and a jacket for ten or fifteen minutes, until the sun had risen and the uphill start at Windy Hill’s Spring Ridge trail had kicked my metabolism up a notch.

We really had no winter this year, but we are at least having a spring. Not only do I offer a variety of flowers as evidence, but today was the day for the first snakes of the season: a garter snake and a ringneck. Cool!

As it turned out, I hiked up the (steeper) Spring Ridge trail twice, down the (not so steep) Hamms Gulch trail twice, and took the Lost and Razorback trails all the way down to the road, then turned and hiked back up the hill. Total for the day, 20.8 miles, 4600 vertical feet. And I was ten minutes late to our 3 PM commitment.

Nice to get out, nice to enjoy a beautiful day.


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