Broadband Forum meets in Dubrovnik this time. Jacky came along, using my frequent flyer miles in business class. That lasted until London Heathrow, where we couldn’t book further travel on United, so we bought a separate itinerary on Croatia Airlines through Zagreb into Dubrovnik. I guess those aircraft have business classes, but it hardly matters.

It has been a long time since we have been in airports this small. Or aircraft this small, for that matter. Turbo-prop to Dubrovnik, where we walked down the portable steps and across the apron to get into the terminal.

My colleague Jaume was on the plane from Zagreb, and we shared a taxi to the hotel, the Radisson Blu resort on the coast about 10km south of Dubrovnik itself. It was mid-afternoon when we arrived.

We agreed to meet Jaume at 6, and went out to explore the immediate area. It is a rocky, steep coast, wonderful country for cycling or hiking. The resort advertises a beach, but they admit in the fine print that it’s a pebble beach, and indeed it is. Lots of islands out there in the water, more of the same rocky theme.

There is also some kind of mostly abandoned building that looks almost like a fortress here. No idea what it was, or what it is.

As to the rest of the area, there are apartments for sale, and the little resort map shows lots of restaurants and shops. Maybe this is all brand new and not yet in business, or maybe it’s after (or before) the high season, but it was mostly deserted. We saw more security guards than anything else.

Tried a local brew with Jaume, more flavour than Bud, but not an instant favourite. Then we went to the hotel’s Tartufo restaurant where we had a great dinner and a good evening of conversation, and greeting various others of the BBF community who are also here a day early.

It was a very long travel day for us, and we were more than ready to collapse into bed, where we did not awaken until Sunday at dawn. Another new city, another new country.


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