The Bay area in winter


Since returning from China in mid-December, I have had other claims on my time. While I have certainly been outdoors, the hikes have been 10-15 km. Time today for a killer hike.

Just a bit uncomfortably warm in the sun, even after I had stripped off layers down to shirtsleeves, but for January, who’s complaining! 20+ miles, 3600 feet vertical, Stevens canyon loop from Montebello at the top of Page Mill road to Saratoga gap and back along Long ridge and Skyline ridge. Not a razor-crisp line between the ocean and sky, but the boundary was well defined.

Lots of people out; I suppose I met upward of two dozen, most of them near the parking lots, of course. When I go off into the back trails, that counts as a busy day.

Catching and passing a mountain bikie on the uphill does my heart good. Literally.

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