Chaoyang park and the happy gorillas


There was nowhere in particular I wanted to go today, but of course I had to get out. Chaoyang park is far enough, and big enough, to serve as a destination. Ok, let’s go there.

Well, it’s better in the spring or fall (summer in Beijing is not to be recommended). But I did find one thing to like, the Happy gorilla treetop adventures.

This little guy is not at all sure he wants to take that next step, across the void, onto the next platform. Never mind that it’s only 20 cm, never mind that he has a harness. It’s scary!

Little sis doesn’t see what the delay is all about. She is perfectly relaxed, waved down to her parents below. Meanwhile, there’s starting to be a traffic jam.

Eventually one of the adults worked his way out and helped encourage that first fateful step. After that, it was okay.

Walking platforms is the easy part. On this one, you walk on only a wire.

Fun to watch.

My other observation is that, once a hundred million Chinese start speaking English on the world stage, English will change. There is no choice about it: it will change.

Not just the words. This picture is from yesterday; when we left the restaurant, we bought a couple of rice balls. They were frozen, and went into a jacket pocket to thaw and be eaten later. When later came around, I enjoyed the little instruction disk that came with the pastry, almost as much as I enjoyed the pastry itself.

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