REI: also for the wannabees


I like REI, a lot. Great store, terrific people. So don’t get me wrong about this post — it is not a ding.

Among a few other things, I picked up a new pair of walking shorts at the REI sale the other day, and was once again bemused by the fact that small waist sizes are in the very distinct minority in REI’s stock of clothes. I don’t care how tall you are: if you need a 38 waist, or 40 or 42 or (good grief!) more, you’re only in shape if you’re a sumo wrestler.

Those who fantasize about being active outdoors people would seem to outnumber those who actually are! Or maybe Jacky got it right: the small sizes sell out immediately, and all we see are the oversize orphans left behind for the clearance sales.


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