San Diego


FSAN met in San Diego. I used to get here fairly often, but haven’t been here in at least ten years, maybe fifteen. So it’s like a new city to me. I flew down at mid-day, with the idea of being a tourist throughout the afternoon. From the taxi along the waterfront, it was apparent that something big was going on, but I didn’t know what. Well… the America’s Cup races, that’s what. For those who are interested in sailing, probably the equivalent of the Tour de France.

When I got to the check-in desk, I discovered that I had no reservation at the Hilton! Turned out that, when I booked the reservation, I had specified December 15, not November 15! Damn! But the manager found me a room, so I was spared the adventure of spending the afternoon looking for a hotel in a booked-up city. Thank you, Hilton!

Dropped off my things and went out. Toward the water, first of all, where the first stop is the US Midway, an aircraft carrier.

Next along the waterfront is a pair of tall ships, the more visible of which is the Star of India.

There are two submarines here, one of them Russian. All of this is part of the maritime museum, and I’m tempted, but I’m also a cheapskate and there are other things to see.

The train station, for example. Art deco, Santa Fe in tilework, very classy.

From there, I walked out Broadway to about 10th avenue, then angled back through the tourist area (gas lamp district) toward the hotel. Met some colleagues as I arrived at the hotel, talked with them for a few minutes, and went out to dinner with Denis, who lives near Boston. We had a recommendation for a Guadalajara Mexican restaurant “in the old town,” not that close by, and we weren’t very enthusiastic about taxi or streetcars. So we found a place in the gaslamp district and had a pretty good meal.

After a nap, I went out again to see if there might be some worthwhile night photos for the taking.

Pleasant evening, but the streets are deserted. Reminds me of Ottawa, with the temperature thirty degrees colder.

Back to the hotel; tomorrow we work.

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