Grant ranch


Saturday was for a short hike at Windy Hill. Nothing special except that I came upon a tiny garter snake, longer than a pencil but smaller in diameter. It was lying motionless across the trail. To see whether it was alive, I nudged its tail, and had time to think, “Too bad, it’s dead,” before it reloaded its cached state from disk and vanished into the grass.

Sunday seemed like a good day for a longer hike. I hadn’t been to Grant ranch for a while. It was foggy and chilly when I left the car at Grant lake.

But before I reached the crest of the first trail, I had climbed out into the sun. Very pretty.

I went past the Pala Seca cabin, then south, eventually to cross Mt Hamilton road and take Bonhoff trail (I can never believe the spelling of that name), where I stopped for calories at the little sometime stream that crosses the trail. Not much water left, the only pond maybe a foot in diameter, along with some seepage here and there. Still enough for a few water striders and underwater beetles and snails. I guess that’s the only wildlife I’ll see today.

Eagle lake (below) is a beautiful oasis off in the corner of the park. It’s interesting how the shallows support different vegetation, from tall reeds in standing water, to heavy grasses, to the blue wildflowers, fringed by a row of white daisies, and then tapering off into the dry brown grass of summer.

It is starting to feel like autumn. Some of the trees and bushes have started turning yellow, and much of the poison oak is going red. I suppose we’ll start seeing tarantulas before long, presumably as soon as the tarantula hawks go away for the season. (An early tarantula is unlikely to pass along his DNA.)


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  1. Xu Says:

    Nice view! I went to Shanghai last week.


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