Marin waterfalls: Cascade creek


Thursday, 28 January, 2010

They say the locals don’t know about the places nearby; only the visitors find them out. My colleague Brian lives in Texas, so it was only to be expected that it was he who came up with a URL for what claims to be a really great waterfall hike on the back side of Mt Tam in Marin county. It was certainly new to me:

Brian was flying home Friday, didn’t have a free weekend day. So we met Thursday at 5AM in San Jose and drove to the trailhead at Alpine lake near Fairfax. I had overestimated the time it would take to get there, and it was still quite dark when we pulled the car onto a roadside parking area around 6:30. Sunrise isn’t until about 7:15. We waited around for a few minutes, but there was a full moon, and at least the early part of the trail was visible and held no unpleasant surprises, so we set off.

The first few photographs were throw-aways; there just wasn’t enough light.

Really a great hike. I’ll let the pictures tell the story: Cascade creek.

Something upward of a thousand feet of climb on a hike that only runs 3.7 miles round trip, according to the GPS.

We were back off the trail around 10, and in the office in San Jose before noon.

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One Response to “Marin waterfalls: Cascade creek”

  1. Brian Williams Says:

    Hey Dave, what an awesome hike, my son thought my photos were downloaded from the web…from a REAL photographer! :- ) I had an awesome time, thanks for letting me borrow your tripod as well, can’t believe i left mine in the hotel, the trip would have been useless without yours. Nice recap of the day on your blog as well. Lets do it again soon! Looks like we only need about 45 minutes and 4 emails worth of planning. ;- ) I had an awesome time, the falls and scenery were just breathtaking.

    Also, next time you go hiking with a Texan, please slow down, the only hills we have around here have ants living in them. I was barely able to keep up, and even took a short cut up the side of a hill once…I will hit the tread mill in preparation for our next adventure!! Talk to you later my friend…


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